Waste Energy Systems, LLC

Waste Energy Systems is MCB’s most recent notable project, changing the way America thinks about waste.  Waste is fuel.  This innovative partnership successfully converts waste into energy, with no pollution emissions to the environment. The downdraft gasifier converts fuels into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which can then be burned to run a generator and create heat and power (htp).  The gasifier is fueled by organic wood scraps, chips and sawdust as well as municipal solid waste.



Albany Woodworks, Inc.

Albany Woodworks is an innovative wood recycling company based in the Albany, Louisiana – bayou country. For over 30 years, this family owned and operated business has been bringing new life to reclaimed antique lumber for homes, businesses and historic restorations.  MCB Group provides business strategies and marketing for Albany Woodworks, in addition to being the exclusive agent for Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. MCB has been involved with Albany Woodworks, since its inception in 1980.