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The exclusive mission of the McBurnett Group is to create positive energy in all areas of life. This firm foundation and distinct vision provide a solid base on which to conduct business and daily life.


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This umbrella organization offers a truly unique platform to clients including:


McBurnett Productions has created or collaborated over the last 55 years on concerts, festival productions and logistics work, including Jazz Fest and shows for HBO.

Spiritual Affirmations and Mentoring

David’s commitment to spiritual living and recovery embraces all of the components of the McBurnett Group, most notably his Daily Affirmations.

Business Consulting and Strategies

The McBurnett Group brings over 55 years of experience in marketing, production and strategic analysis in information technology and event production.


The McBurnett Group offers clients a comprehensive writing resource from scripts, to fiction, to operating procedures and training manuals.

Making an Impact Through Relationships and Spirituality

David is focused on aiding the music industry utilizing his 50 + years of experience and success. Many lifelong friendships and collaborations continue to blossom. This includes both old and new relationships and up and coming talent.

David’s commitment to spiritual living and recovery embraces all of the components of the McBurnett Group. 

New Projects in Development

David serves as executive producer and producer for these new and exciting projects.

There will be Dancing: Got to Love it

 TV series that embraces and exposes the incredible strengths of NOLA.

Deva Premal and Miten

An exclusive documentary on the life of this powerful spiritual leader.

Who is David L. McBurnett?

Mr. McBurnett has had a highly successful career. He entered the music industry as a performer in New Haven (CT) and Boston during the 60s. In 1971, he found himself in New Orleans and fell in love with the roots of American music.

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